Android and iOS Mobile App/Game Software Development Kit’s (SDK’s)

NameTargetsCost for Commercial Developer2D/3DHigh LevelScripting LanguageAnimation/TweeningDevice CameraNative Menus, Buttons...Own Native PluginsDocumentationBook(s)Notes
AppGakeKitAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Windows, Mac OSOne off $692D & 3DC++Extended version of BasicAnimationYesNoHands On AGK BASIC
MonkeyAndroid, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, XNA, Flash, HTML5, PSM, OUYAFreeNoExtended version of BasicAnimation & Tweening via 3rd party framework called diddyNoTranslates from Monkey to source for target.
Shiva3DAndroid, iOS, Blackberry Playbook, Nintendo WiiShiva Editor $400 per machine3DC++, Objective CLuaAnimationYes
Gideros MobileAndroid, iOSFree with their splash screen, $149LuaNoYes
MarmaladeAndroid, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Windows, Mac, Smart TVs2D & 3DC++LuaAnimationC++ yes, Lua noC++ yes, Lua no
Qt 5.2 and newerAndroid, iOSFreeC++ QtQt Quick & QML - javascript like Android, iOS$14/monthC++ QtQt Quick & QMLQt 5.2, Builds only on their server
MoSyncAndroid, iOS€199 per seatC++
CoronaAndroid, iOSFree - limited, basic $16/month (Enterprise $79/month)2DEnterprise package onlyLuaYesYesOnly with EnterpriseLots!Builds on their server (for offline build buy at least Enterprise)
UnityAndroid, iOS, Blackberry 10, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Linux, $225/month or $4500

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