Marmalade Quick on the Mac

I was looking to develop a fairly simple app and thought Marmalade Quick would be a good starting point.

It can target multiple platforms (Android, iOS…) and I can develop on my Mac. It allows the app to be written in Lua and provides a wealth of other libraries.

I had a Marmalade license and so downloaded and installed Marmalade v7.1.0

In the past I’ve used ZeroBrane Studio, an IDE for Lua. So first thing after installing Marmalade I started Marmalade and in other Other Tools found ZeroBrane Studio Lua Editor and clicked LAUNCH. A terminal window popped up and clearly tried to start ZeroBrane Studio but instead printed an error.

So I tried running ZeroBrane Studio from my existing copy in Applications. I copied an example from within Marmalade to my Documents. Then in ZBS Used Project > Lua Interpreter to select Marmalade Quick. Then opened main.lua, set the project direct and tried to run the app… lots of errors from Marmalade…

Google’d for the errors but nothing relevant found… sigh.

Guess Windows might be a better platform at the moment!