Doorbell is an Android and iOS app to open a Wireless Lan Man Bluetooth Low Energy controlled door.

On Goole Play Store search for Wireless Lan Man Doorbell

On Apple App Store search for doorbell-ble

Demo video on an iPhone showing the app starting, which causes a scan for Doorbells broadcasting on Bluetooth LE. One possible Doorbell is found (“Test Door”) and on selecting it a valid username and password for “Test Door” is entered and on clicking the “Open door” button a message is sent over Bluetooth to the door which then validates the name and password and then opens. On going back the main screen another scan is run which this time shows “Test Door” as already known and once the scan finds it its entry changes to be clickable ready to be used again.


Notes: The doorbell server combines a Bluetooth LE receiver, WiFi and a relay. On a valid username and password being received the relay is activated for 10 seconds this opens the door. After 10 seconds the door will close and lock.