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Servers, stacks and clients

One of the biggest issues I’ve yet to get across to my colleagues is how in massively multiple systems (like Private Planet) you cannot think of the system as a collection of discrete components. You have to realise these all interact in complex ways. How the client talks to the server can deeply affect how the server performs. The protocol stacks use to carry messages are not just a minor component they have deep and widespread impact on both how the server and client works.…

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Server Side Needs its own Language

After spending years working on the server side of cloud software I’ve yet to find a really good solution. Tools and libraries help to overcome some of the lacks but are only a stopgap measure. What I really want is a high level language that addresses the needs of big, C10K, server side. I want: data structures that map seamlessly onto databases data structures that have locking built in stateful objects that can be started on a thread, suspended and later restart on another thread…

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