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Mobile Game Development

I’ve worked on business apps for mobile but never games. ┬áSo a while back I decided to look into what was available for multi-platform development. I already knew about Marmalade (formerly AirPlay) which is a pretty powerful C/C++ system that can target a wide range of mobile platforms. Last year they also introduced Marmalade Quick which was a 2D gaming platform based around Lua with some of the full Marmalade system underneath. But its a little expensive and there is a lot to learn. Quick…

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Marmalade Quick on the Mac

I was looking to develop a fairly simple app and thought Marmalade Quick would be a good starting point. It can target multiple platforms (Android, iOS…) and I can develop on my Mac. It allows the app to be written in Lua and provides a wealth of other libraries. I had a Marmalade license and so downloaded and installed Marmalade v7.1.0 In the past I’ve used ZeroBrane Studio, an IDE for Lua. So first thing after installing Marmalade I started Marmalade and in other Other…

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