vs Webcams

I have a webcam so when I travel I can keep an eye on my place.  A webcam is one of the few things you might have at home that you connect into from the outside world., unlike most ISPs, does not allow ordinary non business users to connect in to things like webcams.

Having a dynamic hostname (from somewhere like will not help. Yes you can find your home IP using it but the Relish  internal network will not allow the incoming connection.

This is a pretty big failing on the part of Relish. I can get by without my webcam but what about people wanting to access their PC while travelling or access a media server (like Plex)…

So if you are considering Relish bear in mind this limitation.

I just called Relish and they only offer a static IP on their business broadband.  On their website the business offering starts at £25 elsewhere I’ve seen that a static IP adds £5 more and there is probably VAT on top of that.  So to access my webcam would add £16 a month and a 12 month contract!

Geek advice: setup a vpn or an ssh tunnel